Rabbi Yoel Rosenberg


Rabbi Rosenberg, a native of Toronto, comes to us with more than 10 years of diverse חינוך experience, first as a 6th grade Rebbe and Director of Special Activities at Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi in Chicago, IL and later as a 4th grade Rebbe, 7th grade Rebbe, and simultaneously the General Studies Principal of The Toronto Cheder.

In 2017, Rabbi Rosenberg was awarded the Hartman Family Educator of the Year Award from the Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago. While in Toronto, Rabbi Rosenberg also took on an additional responsibility as the Assistant Principal of General Studies for Yeshivas Nefesh Dovid, the International Yeshiva High School for young men who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Rabbi Rosenberg’s summers and time outside of yeshiva have likewise been dedicated to עבודת הקודש. In his early years Rabbi Rosenberg worked with children at Toronto’s BAYT Youth, Westmount Shul, Lubavitch Day Camp, and Pirchei of Toronto. He has also worked as a counselor and Division Head for Camp Simcha and Event Leader for Chayeinu, Chai Lifeline’s branch in Israel. During his Chicago years, Rabbi Rosenberg worked with Pirchei, Avos U’Banim, Chai Lifeline, Yeshivas HaMasmidim, Likras Shabbos and more. After moving back to Toronto, Rabbi Rosenberg spent his summers as Head Counselor at Camp Chazak Day Camp in Toronto and as a Division Head in Camp Agudah Midwest. In addition, he works as a Mentor for the new Rebbeim for the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools.

Rabbi Rosenberg spent his yeshiva years learning in Eretz Israel, first at Yeshivas Mercaz HaTorah for two years, then at Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim for nine years. He received smicha from R’ Yitzchok Kaufman, Rav of Ramot Polin and received his BA in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College.

In all of his work in חינוך, Rabbi Rosenberg does whatever he can to utilize his skills and talents to bring out each child’s potential and appreciation for Torah and Avodas Hashem. He looks forward to continuing his work in חינוך and accomplishing even more in his new role as the Menahel of the Yeshiva Ketana of Philadelphia.

Rabbi Pinchos Gruskin

Kindergarten Rebbe

After studying in prestigious ישיבות in America and ארץ ישראל, Rabbi Pinchos Gruskin spent many years in Bais Medrash Govoha, where he earned his post-graduate degree in Talmudic studies. For half a decade, Rabbi Gruskin has been a Yeshiva staff member of Yeshivas Kerem Shlomo tasked with tutoring and coaching struggling תלמידים, enabling accomplishment and enthusiasm. As a graduate from the Aish Dos Teachers Seminary, Rabbi Gruskin has used his signature skills substituting the Kindergarten/Primary classes, teaching and nurturing the next generation of תלמידים as they take their first steps into the world of תורה. He has substituted in the Lakewood Cheder, the New Lakewood Cheder, Toras Menachem, Nesivos Hatorah, and Orchos Chaim. Rabbi Gruskin is eagerly looking forward to teaching Kindergarten, where he will mold and nurture the תלמידים with warmth and devotion. His unique ability to see the strength of each individual תלמיד will be an asset to Yeshiva Ketana of Philadelphia.

Mrs. Malka Blau

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Blau holds a master’s degree in General Education and Special Education from the College of Mount St. Vincent. Mrs. Blau has worked in the Special Children’s Center’s preschool and elementary divisions. Her focus has been on grades K-2. She also has experience in ABA therapy working as a paraeducator for Encore Special Education and Master Faster therapy agencies. Mrs. Blau has experience in Kiruv working in Oorah’s Girl Zone as a counselor and division head and as part of the SEED program in Charlotte, NC, where she gave שיעורים to the community. Mrs. Blau recently moved with her family to Bala Cynwyd and is looking forward to bringing her strengths and abilities to the Yeshiva Ketana of Philadelphia, helping each תלמיד in her Kindergarten class reach his potential.

Rabbi Yehoshua Finkelstein

First Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Yehoshua Finkelstein has acquired a true and strong תורה outlook from his רביים and mentors in both Yeshivas Torah Temima elementary and high school, as well as Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim. For the past 8 years, he has been learning in Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ. Rabbi Finkelstein is a graduate of the Aish Dos Teachers Seminary and has substituted in multiple ישיבות and חדרים including Yeshivas Even Yisroel, Ohr Hatorah, and Ohr Yehuda. He also served as a רבי in camp Hachi Kedai, leaving the children with a great summer learning experience. His clear and engaging lessons enable each תלמיד to achieve his potential. Rabbi Finkelstein is looking forward to being part of the Yeshiva Ketana of Philadelphia where he can imbue אהבת תורה and יראת שמים in each תלמיד of his כתה א’ within a warm, secure, and happy environment.

Miss Gitty Burr

First Grade Teacher

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Miss Gitty Burr comes from a family of מחנכים. As a teenager, Miss Burr moved to the Rhawnhurst section of Philadelphia, where her father became the Rosh Kollel of the Northeast Community Kollel and her mother began teaching at Kosloff Torah Academy in Bala Cynwyd. Miss Burr attended Kosloff Torah Academy for High School and graduated with honors in both academic and חסד areas. Post-high school, Miss Burr studied at Migdal Bais Yaakov Teacher’s Seminary in Lakewood, NJ. Miss Burr has worked as a counselor in day camps in Philadelphia, tutored children in קריאה and reading, and substituted in many schools. Currently, Miss Burr is the Youth Director for Congregation Bnei Israel in the Northeast, running youth groups and programming for elementary-aged boys. Miss Burr is looking forward to using her experience with children, her warmth and care, and her background in חינוך in the Yeshiva Ketana of Philadelphia as she teaches first grade.

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Ort

Second Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Ort, originally from Brooklyn, NY, is privileged to have learned in many fine ישיבות including Yeshivas Bais Moshe, the Brisker Kollel in Yerushalayim, and Bais Medrash Govoha. He spent his summers as a counselor in a variety of camps, including Camp Machanaim in ארץ ישראל, where he gave שיעור and mentored his campers, many from troubled homes. Most recently, Rabbi Ort has been a member of the Cherry Hill Community Kollel and active in the Young Israel of Cherry Hill. He gave שיעורים to adults, tutored boys, and learned one-on-one with community members. Rabbi Ort and his family recently moved to Elkins Park, PA. Rabbi Ort looks forward to instilling in his תלמידים in כתה ב’ a geshmak for Yiddishkeit, the love of תורה, and the skills needed to become true תלמידי חכמים.

Miss Gitty Weintraub

Second Grade Teacher

Miss Gitty Weintraub grew up in Philadelphia, attending Kosloff Torah Academy High School in Bala Cynwyd. Upon graduation, Miss Weintraub attended Bnos Chaim Teacher Training Seminary in Lakewood, NJ, where she learned from many teachers. Miss Weintraub taught at the Cheder Chabad for the 2021-2022 school year. In addition, Miss Weintraub has experience in ABA therapy. Miss Weintraub tutors elementary school students in the community and has experience working with children in summer camps. Miss Weintraub is looking forward to continuing to use her skills and passion to help each תלמיד of the second-grade feel confident in their abilities so that they can succeed in everything they do.