About Us



Yeshiva Ketana of Philadelphia aims to develop well-rounded and thoughtful bnei Torah who have the skills and education to maximize their unique potential. Located in the heart of a city deeply connected to our mesorah, YKOP’s warm and nurturing environment facilitates each student’s growth to be a proud member of Klal Yisroel, while maintaining their own individualized relationship with Hashem and the Torah.


We envision a Yeshiva full of happy, confident תלמידים with healthy self-esteem that have a love for and relationship with ד’ and His תורה, discovering their own greatness while striving to become עובדי ד’ באמת: יראי שמים, בעלי מדות טובות, בעלי אחריות, ובני עליה. תלמידים who are courageous in putting in their full effort and do not give up, working throughout the day to master the skills necessary to be independent learners, constantly thirsting for more.

Core Values:

Torah is our Center: YKOP’s mission is centered on the Chashivus HaTorah, connection to mesorah, and Emunas Chachomim. Every aspect of our school, inside and outside of the classroom, aims to develop Yiras Shamayim and Ahavas Torah in our students, enabling them to see connection to Hashem and the relevance of Torah in their own lives. We work to develop text skills and knowledge that will enable our students to be lifelong learners who find their individual chelek in Torah.

Developing an Adam HaShalem: Our priority is to grow each student into an Adam HaShalem. We work with every student to develop strong Ahavas Yisroel through our middos-focused approach. Viewing all people as B’Tzelem Elokim encourages each student to find his personal love of chesed, places responsibility on him to be respectful, honest, and kind.

Educate Al Pi Darko: We aim to meet every student where he is. YKOP focuses on student-staff relationships and utilizes differentiated learning styles to ensure every child has the ability to learn and grow in a nurturing Torah environment.

Expecting Educational Excellence: YKOP is committed to strong Limudei Kodesh & General Studies education. We believe students should have the knowledge and skills to succeed in any environment and contribute to their communities. We work to build intrinsic motivation in each child, and focus on their ability to think critically and express themselves clearly.

Family-School Partnership: Parents and YKOP are a team and must work in partnership to develop each student into a well-rounded and healthy individual. Constant and clear communication is critical. We encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s educational experiences